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Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp

Being with His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba at the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp  is an angelic touch of the unseen world, receiving the Blessings of His Holiness and all the Guru's, Masters, Saints, Sadhus and Sadhaka’s of India. A transformation for Your Self and Soul. His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba will be performing Ma Bagalamukhi Puja, Ma Dhumavati Puja, Mahakali Puja, Maha Lakshmi Puja, Maha Saraswati Puja, Lord Shiva Puja, Shri Vidya Puja, Nava Kundiya Yayna and Maharudrabishek.

You can participate in the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp, when you buy one of our Special Guest Packages.

It is not only the Ganga which is going to come alive with spiritual energy,also the energies from the Almighty will be pouring endlessly…


His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba: His Abhisek
In januari 2001 His  Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba was blessed with a tremendous celebration – called Abhishek – in the presence of million of souls. The Abishek is an ultimate appreciation of a great Yogi, his skills, his fortitude, his Mysticism, his enlightenement.

His Mastery
Here Babaji had to demonstrate his Mastery on all levels of being: as a Yogi, as a Master and as a human being in a masculine body. It took tremendous wisdom, strength, devotion and years of practice to perform all the secret kriya’s and sutras with great skill and to achieve the ultimate goal. Finally Babaji was declared the new Mahamandaleswara (Maha meaning Great, Mandal meaning the World, Ishwar meaning God). Mahamandeleshwara is the title of the leading Mystical Master of the entire Mysticism of India and adjacent countries like Tibet and Nepal.

His Throne
On this occasion more than six thousand great Yogis and Rishis were present in the fullness of their Divine Glory. It is interesting to note that the throne offered to our beloved Babaji had been vacant for the last twenty-six years. No one during this time had demonstrated the fortitude, skills and depth of enlightenment needed to assume this immensely responsible task, of being the spiritual leader and lineage holder. Mahamandaleshwara Babaji’s life however, is not directly connected to any particular religion, but to personal and planetary realization and awakening.

His Duty
Nevertheless Babaji masters many religions and philosophical systems in his Mission. Asa Mahamandeleshwara His Holiness has devoted himself to perform His duties and responsibilities as major spiritual leader in India and neighbouring countries.
And, as His grandfather fortold, at the same time He is dedicated to sharing the virues of the Vamachari Naga Tantra lineage and teachings with the West.

His Hope
As a Himalyan Mystic, Aghori Sadhak, the Mahamandeleshwara of Juna Akhara and Founder/Chairman of the Soham Baba Mission, He is a living symbol of hope for the worldwide suffering humanity and those who seek true Spiritual knowledge.


His Spiritual Leadership
He is one of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders. As an authentic Guru and a true living Eastern Master, He creates a deepening of spirituality through His knowledge, powers and beliefs. His selfless philosophy of love for humanity, respect for Mother nature and spiritual guidance for the children of this world, is what He lives for.

His Royal Bathings
The Purna Kumbh Mela 2010 provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to bath in the sacred River Ganges in the presence of one of the greatest Masters that ever lived. According to Vedic astrology, once every 144 years, after 12 cycles of 12 years, the Purna Kumbh takes place in Haridwar, offering everyone the unique chance to gain awareness, love and light in the presence of an authentic Guru; His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba. Being with Babaji is truly a magical, mystical and magnificent journey to the spiritual world.  To bathe at this auspicious time in the Blessing of a true Guru and all the Saints and Saddhus of India washes away your bad Karma, sins and is a new beginning in Life itself.

His Incarnation
We, the people of the Soham Baba Mission, believe Babaji is the living incarnation of Lord Siva, whose tears have washed the Lotusfeet of the Divine Mother since the beginning of time. Divinity is manifested in this great Master as Love and Light in His Heart. The legend of the four drops of nectar of divinity, fallen on 4 different places in India, is a story of reality for saints and saddhus through the history of mankind.

His Significance
Listening to and understanding the words of His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba explaining the significance of the Kumbh Mela, gives us a chance to build a bridge between the East and the West. Through the gateway to our hearts, we can truly understand for the first time, the importance of the Kumbh Mela and the knowledge it brings us: through the awakening of the Self and Soul:

His Words

“We, the people of India and our global family members of the Soham Baba Mission, believe that during the Kumbh Mela, all sins and evils can be washed away and salvation can be attained. It is believed that bathing in the holy Ganges is a byway to Heaven.

To enter into this Heaven, is to know ourselves, to know who we really are, why we are here on earth, and in totality, to discover our own divine potential.

The Kumbh Mela is one of the greatest spiritual events in the world. It is an opportunity to evolve our soul to the next level. It is a mirror to our spiritual growth.

The Kumbh Mela is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. It is a powerful transformation on Mother Earth by which each person comes to know his/her true Self.

The Kumbh Mela is an auspicious event of transformation of our threefold mortal sufferings; physical illness, mental dis-harmonies and spiritual ignorance. It is also the transformation of the body, mind and soul; the transformation of our past, present & future and the transformation of the Self and the Soul. It is a complete transformation...

When a disciple comes to his Master in this holy event, a non mind-centered communion of souls is formed. In front of the holy fire known as the Dhoti, the disciple’s hands touch the feet of his master while the master places his hands on the head of the disciple to transmit energy and bless them. It is the meeting of the four hands that form an eternal communion of happiness and joy.

The Kumbh Mela is not just a simple spiritual gathering of a loud and noisy crowd. In everyday life we are scared of these outer noises, and in truth we are scared of the noises within us. The Kumbh Mela is an opportunity for us to get in touch with the noises within ourselves and be at peace with them. An opportunity to listen to our inner self, to get to know ourselves and be transformed.....

All of the earth’s precious beings are influenced by the positions of the various planets and stars. The rare combination of planetary positions in a sacred place makes this event at Haridwar an effective and extraordinary opportunity for global healing.

Just by being in Kumbh’s conducive environment of evolving energy while observing ones Self, meditating, performing puja & yajna and taking a bathing/dip in the holy Ganges, one can cure many ailments. It aligns and corrects the six Chakras, the Sahasrar and the three Nadis (Ida, Pingala, Sushumna). Many afflictions (Doshas) are eradicated so one can experience the awakening of the Kundalini within.

Kumbh Mela is one of the world’s most positive and spiritual pilgrimages, where people from all parts of the world meet. We will get Darshan of the great Renunciators, Sadhus and Saints. It is a very rare gathering! It is here that we experience a sense of expansion and patriotism within ourselves that in fact all human beings on this planet belong to our Spiritual Family. A realization, leaving us feeling proud to be a true and realised human being.”  -  Babaji -

The  Mysticism of the Kumbh Mela
The origin of the Kumbh is very old and dates back to the time when Kalasha (pot of nectar of immortality) was recovered during the churning of the primordial sea, for which a tense war between Devtas (gods) and Asuras (demons) ensued. To prevent the Amrita Kalasha being forcibly taken into possession by Asuras, who were more powerful than Devtas at that time, its safety was entrusted to the Devtas. The Devtas ran away with the Amrita Kalasha to hide it from the Asuras. Learning the conspiracy of Devtas, the Asuras turned ferocious and chased the  Devtas running with Amrita Kalasha. The chase lasted twelve days and nights during which the Devtas and Asuras went around the earth. During this chase, Devtas put Amrita Kalasha at four places in India namely Haridwar (Uttar Pradesh), Prayag (Uttar Pradesh), Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) and Nasik (Maharashtra).

To commemorate this holy event of the Amrita Kalash being put at four places, the Kumbh Mela is celebrated every twelve years. According to other Puranic legends, actual fights took place between Devtas and asuras resulting in the Amrita Kalash being knocked, out of which Amrita (Nectar) fell down at the above four places.

Kumbh Mela takes place during an auspicious planetary position. During this time of the year, Jupiter enters into the zodiac sign 'aquarius' and Sun enters into the zodiac sign 'aries'.  Millions of visitors join this remarkable event to purify their inner self and take a bath to get rid of their sins. A holy dip in the river is considered to wash away all your past sins. It is believed that whoever is taking this bath with complete trust and devotion, it can awaken your inner consciousness which leads you towards enlightenment. During this immense happening, you will be in the unique position to meet all the great yogis, sadhus and ascetics who have dedicated their lives to serving the Almighty. In this enormous gathering, because of the presence of all these Great enlightened Beings, their holy blessings will be transmitted to all the visitors and pilgrims. Numerous Darshans (sights of Masters) and Satsangs (gathering of company) will be held and benifited towards your complete Being.

The greatest feature of this Mela is the presence of the furious, spiritual warrior and powerful Naga Sadhus. Smeared and covered in ashes all over their body they dedicate their lives to Humanity for protecting the true spiritual heritage of India for centuries long.

The Spiritual Leader of these fearful, well respected and enlightened Sadhus is

His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba.

His Holiness is the Mahamandaleshwara of the Juna Akhara, the leading House of the Naga Sadhus.


Four drops of Nectar

At the Feet of the Mango Tree of Mother India I once heard this true story:

“On a moonless night, the Forces of Good and the Darkness of Evil started to fight with each other in the form of Divinity and Demons. Twelve days took the battle. They fought about the pot Kalasha, filled with the Nectar of Immortality. Once the Powers of Good regained the pot of nectar, high in Heaven on the golden clouds of Eternity, four drops were spilled. While pulling the pot Kalasha, filled with the Amrita Nectar, out of the hands of the immense temptation of the selfish and destructive influence of the demonic side of life itself, four drops of Nectar started to fall down in the direction of the Earth.

Those four drops fell in the lap of our beloved Mother India…  They fell at four places, namely Haridwar (Uttar Pradesh), Prayag (Uttar Pradesh), Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) and Nasik (Maharashtra). According to ancient Knowledge, every three years,  the planetary positioning of the dance of the planets surrounding our Earth, returns to the background of that static consciousness of the stars of our Galaxy. Remembering in their Eternal Whispering this moment of Truth:  The Nectar of Immortality fell among us, on the lap of Mother Earth. It was the beginning of Spiritual Life.

The Kumbh Mela always has been a celebration, that these precious drops, containing the knowledge of true Spirituality and Eternity, are still among us. Amrita Kalasha is alive, is hidden in our own Heart Center, the Flame which the Almighty has hidden in our Soul to enlighten in the Fire of Eternity itself. It is shining with a great Light in true spiritual knowledge in the hearts of the Saints and Sadhus, the Masters, the Mystics and is secretly hidden in the hearts of all the human beings of our world. We can discover that Light, that Flame, that Divinity within. It sings its Eternal Song in the plants, the animals, the snow white mountains and the endless oceans of our planet. In twelve years one can make a pilgrimage to each of the four places in India, where the four drops of nectar touched the ground and are connected to that water witch streams under and above that ground. In Haridwar it is the Holy river Ganges. One drop fell at the Lotusfeet of the Holy Ganges in Haridwar India. On a special place, which gained mystical Power: Har ki pauri.

The Juna Akhara, the most powerful and ancient guardians of the true spiritual heritage of India, the leading house of the Naga Sadhus and protectors of Mysticism and Eastern Philosophy, has always had the first right to take the first Royal Bathing (Shahi Snan) on a certain time and place during the Kumbh Mela. After twelve times twelve years, after 144 years, Purna Kumbh Mela is taking place.

In the Purna Kumbh Mela in 2010 in Haridwar we celebrate the Purna Kumbh Mela of the 21st century. His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba, Mahamandaleshwara of Juna Akhara, is leading the first Royal Bathing at Maha Shivratri on Friday 12 February 2010 in Haridwar,  India, a Bathing in pure Consciousness. A Royal Bathing with a true Guru, whose words has shown us a new path to Self-Realisation:  “I pray to the Almighty: “I care neither for my bondage, nor for my liberation. Place me in Hell or in the Heaven as it pleases You, but before this, grant me another thousand incarnations to be born again and again among the millions of hearts, to serve the suffering mankind – the “God” that I worship, the “God” I believe in...”


Haridwar is situated on the foothills of Shivaliks and is the first place where the great river Ganges, flowing down from the gigantic Himalayas, touches the plains. Also known as Mayapuri, Gangadwar, Tapovan and Mokshadwar in the ancient scriptures, Haridwar is a city with immense religious significance. It is also a major pilgrimage town for the Hindus and ranks amongst the seven sacred cities of India and one of the four holy sites for the Kumbh Mela.

The planetary positioning

The astrological date for the Kumbh at Haridwar occurs when Venus and Jupiter coincide with Aquarius while the Sun enters Aries. This planetary position is said to medicate the waters of the Ganges at a particular spot called Har ki Pauri in Haridwar, turning it into nectar, thereby attracting millions to purify their inner-self through holy bathinging ceremonies. Spiritually, the position of the planets during the Kumbh Mela is good for concentration and meditation. The light of knowledge awakens our inner conscience and paves way for attaining enlightenment.
Sharing the Blessing of the great Masters, the Shankaracharya’s, the Mahamandeleshwars, the Saints and Sadhus, as well as the Naga Sadhus of India is sharing the Divine Energy of the manifestation of the spiritual world. Their presence makes the Purna Kumbh Mela 2010 alive and a creation of a true Nectar:To discover the Divinity within.

The Juna Akhara & Naga Sadhus

The Juna Akhara is one of the world’s most important ancient and spiritual institutions. The Juna Akhara has many activities in different departments such as: social, charitable, religious, political, educational, etc. The Juna Akhara is the protector, the mediator and the preacher of the Hindu philosophy.

The Sadhus & the Mahamandaleshwar of the Juna Akhara have dedicated their entire life to the humanity irrespective of any cast, creed or religion. Our Beloved Babaji Himself has initiated thousands of Christians, Buddhists and Muslims during His lifetime.

In the Kumbh Mela, the Juna Akhara always has the First Right (Agra-adhikar) and they will take the first Royal Bathing (Shahi Snan).


You are cordially invited to participate in Niscam Seva or participate in one of our Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp Packages. Many events and happenings are planned in the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp to share the Energy and Blessings of His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba, Mahamandeleshwara of Juna Akhara. You will feel the effect and the benefits of cleansing your Being and Existence on a deep level as you take a Royal Bathing (Shahi Snan) in the presence of His Holiness and all the Masters, Saints and Sadhhus of India. The past will be cleansed, in order to take your place in this time, on this earth and embrace the here and now. To know why you are here on earth, what you can do for others and create a new future are some of the Blessings we are sure you will experience in your own right.

Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)

When taking a bathing (Avgahan Snan) in the holu river Ganges in Haridwar, under the strong influence of the planetary positions, you will discover your divine identity and potential. By discovering his divine potential, it is as good as gaining an entry into heaven of you own heart. When we know the answers to questions like - who am I, why I am here, what do I have to do in this life, we discover everything, we see everything, and we find ourselves in heaven of joy and bliss. When the gateway between heaven and earth opens within and without; the water of the holy river Ganges becomes a powerful transformational energy, saturated with eternal energy and blessed by the presence of enlightened Souls, all the Masters, Yogis, Saints and Sadhus of India. Bathing in this River of pure awareness, cleanses the body, the mind and the soul….

The significance

When all the spiritual, magical and magnetic forces come together miracles can happen. While sharing a bathing in the Ganges River with millions of saints, sadhus and people from all over the world, you will experience a magical cleansing like no other. Your entire system changes. Your endocrine system charges. Your central nervous system changes. Your chakras are cleansed.

Something definite happens within us. It helps us to get rid of the camouflaged identity. The selfish centered identity, that we live in. That ego-bound reality of our day to day life. Sound, touch, sight, smell and taste are the human manifestations of the unseen world; travelling from space to our earthly reality. By taking this old mystical Indian path, we can return to the wisdom of our own Soul and Self. This gathering of the true Masters, Saints and Saddhus of India, helps us to realise who we really are and get in touch with the divinity within.

A powerfull transformation

By participating in the Purna Kumbh Mela  and the Royal Bathing, the energy and power of the Shaktipat of the divine Saints & Sadhus will empower and transforms you. It even corrects our Ida-Pingala-Sushumna and corrects all 6 chakras - Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Aanahata, Vishudha, Agna & Sahasrar. A powerful healing for your chakra’s, like giving water to the thirsty flowers in the summergarden. A correction similar to having your body and spine aligned by a Chiropractor. A transformation of the subtle energy running through your nadi’s, all the subtle channels in your subtle body.

Various Puja’s, Yajna’s & Dosha Nivarna

For the first time in 12 x 12 years, as all the planets align themselves after 144 years in a auspicious position. Everyone comes together to celebrate this Holy Event in Haridwar and our guests are invited to participate in various activities within and without the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp.

Different Fire Ceremonies (Puja’s and Yajna’s) will calm and balance different aspects of your body, mind and soul, as well as in your life. There also will be performed ceremonies by His Holiness for different blockages in any aspect of your life en ceremonies for those who left you behind in death, to go to the other world, the unseen world. To spend time in meditation, in Puja and Yajna to take actions to care for your Self and your Loved Ones, is the most precious treasure in your Spiritual Life. Living on this earth, we all face different problems, pain and blockages for example:

(1)Vastu Dosha khandan - So many people face problems due to the Vastu Dosha effect, in their house, karma-kshetra or work place.

(2)Pitru Dosha khandan- It is the ideal time for people to do Pitru dosha khandan.

(3)Grih Dosha nivarana

(4) Kaal Sarpa Dosha nivarana, etc.

Using His expertise in planetary influence, His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba will guide you by His Blessing through the various puja’s, yayna’s, events and activities over the 3 month period of the Purna Kumbh Mela 2010. In the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp, our Guruji is creating a safe place for your true transformation of the Self and Soul.

Sthanam-Kalam-Patram (right place, right time, right person) for the activities:

Ma Baglamukhi Puja can be performed any time of the year. Performing this puja in the Kumbh Mela is different. When a Yajna of Dhumavati or Rudrabhishek is performed during the Kumbh, the results are totally different with much higher accuracy. Everybody has his/her own obstacles in life to deal with, which is normal. However during the Kumbh Mela, through these mystic and spiritual activities, these obstacles can be transformed. This is the ideal time and approach for individual benefit.

Benefit of the Purna Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela offers humanity two major benefits. Firstly it corrects and manifests the individual consciousness and secondly it does the same for the collective consciousness. When we perform all the activities together, it belongs to the collective consciousness and when we perform those activities individually, it belongs to the individual consciousness.

The Procession of the Holy Saints:
To watch the Kumbh Mela procession is to witness the march of the sages. As the holy saints pass by on their various and sundry conveyances - elephants, horses, palanquins, chariots, cars, and camels - they are continually transmitting waves of powerful shakti (energy) to all the people who witness this awe-inspiring event. Devotees are overwhelmed by the palpable, spiritual vibrations that encompass them.

Holy events and activities
His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba and the Soham Baba Mission are organizing various holy events within and without the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp in Haridwar, India.
Puja: Shiva Parvati, Ma Baglamukhi, Ma Dhumavati, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Shri Vidya, Adyashakti Mahamaya, Shree Yantra
Navkundi Yayna: Shree Chandi Yayna, Ma Baglamukhi Yayna, Mahavidya
Saints Sammelan
Bhandaras for the Saints and Sadhus
Soras Danam to the Sants & Sadhus
Processions and Royal Bathing (Shahi Snan)
Welcoming, Vastra Danam and offering Dakshina to His Holiness Shankaracharya & Mahamandeleshwaras
Bhandara for the Daridra Narayan
Vastra Viraran to the Daridra Narayan
Ganga Puja & Ganga Aarti
Vastra Danam
Cultural Programs: Kirtan, Bhajan, Baul, Rabindra Sangeet Sandhya, Garba & Raas (Gujarati), Daayaro (Gujarati)
Pitra Dosha, Kalsarpa Dosha, Vastu Dosha, Griha Dosha Nivaran
Shradhi & Pind Danam
Medical Camp
Cleaning the environment, Social Awareness for the local people, Healing for the body, mind & Soul

Niscam Seva & Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp Special Guest Packages

You are cordially invited to perform Niscam Seva (Selfless Service) in our Misson, the Soham Baba Mission, founded by His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba & Ma Aparna Giri or participate in our Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp Special Guest Packages.

Your Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Special Guest Package includes:

Food and Lodging, Good & peaceful accommodation.

Participation in the Procession of the Soham Baba Mission with His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba and participation in the Royal Bathing (Shahi Snan) and other Bathing with His Holiness.

Receiving and experiencing Babaji’s Blessings in all the events and activities in the Soham Baba Mission Purn Kumbh Camp.

Participation and sharing of the Blessing in Puja: Shiva Parvati, Ma Adyashakti Mahamaya, Shree Baglamukhi, Shree Yantra etc.

Participation in Navkundiya Yayna: Shree Chandi, Shree Baglamukhi, Mahavidya.

Ganga Puja & Aarti.

Learning & practice of various meditation techniques, vidhyas, sadhanas & kriyas.

Participation in various activities: Vastra Danam, Bhandara-Saint, Bhandara-Daridra, Narayan etc.
You will receive Darshan and Blessings His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba, Mahamandeleshwara of Juna Akhara and various Saints and Sadhus visiting the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp.
Nirvarna of various doshas: Pitrudosha, Vastudoscha, Kalsarpa Dosha etc.
The Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp will be a true place of Healing for healing your body, mind and soul.

Excluded: travel to Haridwar.

As our special guest, your contribution in buying a Soham Baba Mission Purn Kumbh Special Guest Package willhelp others to receive the same Blessing. With the funds of our Soham Baba Mission Purn Kumbh Special Guest Packages we can feed you, our Special Guest, coming to us from all over the world, with the Blessing of our Master His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba and share that Blessing with thousands of other souls. In the evolving energy, you get evolved. In the Divine Blessings, you get blessed:

“Love is the only commodity, which increases while sharing……””


Date Vikram Samvat Day Holy Event Remark
14-01-2010 14th Posh Thursday First Snan Makar Sankranti
15-01-2010 Amavasya Friday Second Snan Mouni Amavasya - Solar eclipse
20-01-2010 5th Magh Wednesday Third Snan Basant Panchmi
26-01-2010     Dwaja Ropan (JA)  
30-01-2010 Magh Purnima Saturday Fourth Snan (JA) Panch Parmeshwar Peshwai Procession
31-01-2010   Sunday Sadhu Bhandara (JA)  
12-02-2010   Friday 1st Shahi Snan Maha Shivratri - Procession
15-03-2010   Monday Dwitiya Shahi Snan Somvatu Amavasya - Procession
24-03-2010   Wednesday 5th Snan Ram Navmi
30-03-2010   Tuesday   Chaitya Purnima Snan
14-04-2010   Wednesday Pramukh Shahi Snan Baishakhi - Procession
28-04-2010   Wednesday Sakh Purnima Snan  

On Demand

Living for others

"Love is the only commodity, which increases while sharing……”
- Babaji