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Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp


Many events and happenings are planned in the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp to share the Energy and Blessings of His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba, Mahāmandalêsvara of the Junā Ākhārā, A VERY UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY.

You will feel the effect and the benefits of cleansing your Being and Existence on a deep level as you take a Royal Bath (Shahi Snan) in the presence of His Holiness and all the Masters, Saints and Sadhus of India.

Your past will be cleansed, in order to take your place in this time, on this earth and embrace the here and now. To know why you are here on earth, what you can do for others and come on the path to live towards your true Being, are some of the Blessings, we are sure you will experience in your own right.

Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)

When taking a bath (Avgahan Snan) in the Ganges in Haridwar, under the strong influence of the planetary positions, you will discover your Divine identity and potential. By discovering your Divine potential, it is as good as gaining an entry into Heaven of you own heart. When we know the answers to questions like - who am I ?, why I am here ? or what do I have to do in this life ?, we discover everything, we see everything, and we find ourselves in a state of Joy and Bliss. When the gateway between Heaven and earth opens within and without; the water of the holy river Ganges becomes a powerful transformational energy. The holy river Ganges becomes saturated with eternal energy and blessed by the presence of enlightened Souls. Blessed by all the Masters, Yogis, Saints and Sadhus of India. Bathing in this River of pure awareness, cleanses the body, the mind and the soul….


The significance

When all the spiritual, magical and magnetic forces come together miracles can happen. While sharing a Bath in the Ganges River with millions of Saints, Sadhus and people from all over the world, you will experience a magical cleansing like no other. Your entire system changes. Your endocrine system charges. Your central nervous system changes. Your chakras are cleansed.

Something definite happens within us. It helps us to get rid of the camouflaged identity. The selfish centered identity, that we live in. That ego-bound reality of our day to day life. Sound, touch, sight, smell and taste are the human manifestations of the unseen world; traveling from space to our earthly reality. By taking this old mystical Indian path, we can return to the wisdom of our own Soul and Self. This gathering of the true Masters, Saints and Saddhus of India, helps us to realize who we really are and get in touch with the Divinity within.

A powerful transformation

By participating in the Purna Kumbh Mela and the Royal Bath, the energy and power of the Shaktipat of the divine Saints & Sadhus will empower and transform you. It even corrects our Ida-Pingala-Sushumna. It corrects all 6 chakras - Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Aanahata, Vishudha, Agna & Sahasrar.It is a powerful healing for your chakra’s, like water, given to the thirsty flowers in the summer garden. A correction similar to having your body and spine aligned by a Chiropractor. It is like a transformation of the subtle energy running through your nadi’s, all the subtle channels in your subtle body.

Various Puja’s, Yajna’s & Dosha Nivarna

For the first time in 12 x 12 years, as all the planets align themselves after 144 years in a auspicious position. Everyone comes together to celebrate this Holy Event in Haridwar: our guests are invited to participate in various activities at the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp.

Different Fire Ceremonies (Puja’s and Yajna’s) will calm and balance different aspects of your body, mind and soul, as well as in your life. For the first time, in this magnitude and magnetism, there also will be ceremonies performed by His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba for different blockages in any aspect of your life. Ceremonies will be held for those who left you behind in death, to go to the other world, the unseen world.

To spend time in meditation, in Puja and Yajna to take actions to care for your Self and your Loved Ones, is the most precious treasure in your Spiritual Life. Living on this earth, we all face different problems, pain and blockages due to different Doshas, for example:

(1)Vastu Dosha khandan - So many people face problems due to the Vastu Dosha effect, in their house, karma-kshetra or work place.

(2)Pitru Dosha khandan- It is the ideal time for people to do Pitru dosha khandan.

(3)Grih Dosha nivarana

(4) Kaal Sarpa Dosha nivarana, etc.

Never before, a Saint, Yogi or Leader of any kind, has performed such a powerful and grant public ceremony like this. Using His expertise in planetary influence, His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba will guide you with His Blessing through the various Puja’s, Yajna’s, events and activities over the 3 month period of the Purna Kumbh Mela 2010. In the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp, His Holiness will create a safe place for your true transformation of the Self and Soul. Join us now! and don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime...


Sthanam-Kalam-Patram (right place, right time, right person) for the activities:

Ma Baglamukhi Puja (for removing difficult obstacles in your life) can be performed any time of the year. Performing this puja in the Kumbh Mela is different. When a Yajna of Dhumavati or Rudrabhishek is performed during the Kumbh, the results are totally different with much higher accuracy. Everybody has his/her own obstacles in life to deal with, which is normal. However during the Kumbh Mela, through these mystic and spiritual activities, these obstacles can be transformed. This is the ideal time and approach for individual benefit. Join us now!

Benefit of the Purna Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela offers humanity two major benefits. Firstly it corrects and manifests the individual consciousness and secondly it does the same for the collective consciousness. When we perform all the activities together, it belongs to the collective consciousness and when we perform those activities individually, it belongs to the individual consciousness.

The Procession of the Holy Saints:
To watch the Kumbh Mela procession is to witness the march of the sages. As the holy saints pass by on their various and sundry conveyances - elephants, horses, palanquins, chariots, cars, and camels - they are continually transmitting waves of powerful shakti (energy) to all the people who witness this awe-inspiring event. Devotees are overwhelmed by the palpable, spiritual vibrations that encompass them.

Holy Events and Activities
His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba and the Soham Baba Mission are organizing various holy events at the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp in Haridwar, India.

  • Puja: Shiva Parvati, Ma Baglamukhi, Ma Dhumavati, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Shri Vidya, Adyashakti Mahamaya, Shree Yantra
  • Navkundi Yayna: Shree Chandi Yayna, Ma Baglamukhi Yayna, Mahavidya
  • Rudrabhisek.
  • Saints Sammelan
  • Bhandaras for the Saints and Sadhus
  • Soras Danam to the Saints & Sadhus
  • Processions and Royal Bathing (Shahi Snan)
  • Welcoming, Vastra Danam and offering Dakshina to His Holiness Shankaracharya & Mahamandeleshwaras
  • Bhandara for the Daridra Narayan
  • Vastra Viraran to the Daridra Narayan
  • Ganga Puja & Ganga Aarti
  • Vastra Danam
  • Cultural Programs: Kirtan, Bhajan, Baul, Rabindra Sangeet Sandhya, Garba & Raas (Gujarati), Daayaro (Gujarati)
  • Pitra Dosha, Kalsarpa Dosha, Vastu Dosha, Griha Dosha Nivaran
  • Shradhi & Pind Danam
  • Medical Camp
  • Cleaning the environment, Social Awareness for the local people, Healing for the body, mind & Soul

Join us now!



Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp Special Guest Packages


Your Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Special Guest Package includes:

Food and Lodging, Good & peaceful accommodation. Participation in the Procession of the Soham Baba Mission with His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba and participation in the Royal Bath (Shahi Snan) and other snans with His Holiness.

Receiving and experiencing Babaji’s Blessings in all the events and activities in the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp.

Participation and sharing of the Blessing in Puja's: Shiva Parvati, Ma Adyashakti Mahamaya, Shree Baglamukhi, Shree Yantra etc.

Participation in Navkundiya Yayna: Shree Chandi, Shree Baglamukhi, Mahavidya.

Ganga Puja & Aarti.

Learning & practice of various unknown meditation techniques, vidhyas, sadhanas & kriyas.

Participation in various activities: Vastra Danam, Bhandara-Saint, Bhandara-Daridra, Narayan etc.

You will receive Darshan and Blessings of His Holiness 1008 Shri Shri Soham Baba, Mahamandeleshwara of Juna Akhara and various Saints and Sadhus visiting the Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp.

Nirvarna of various doshas: Pitrudosha, Vastudoscha, Kalsarpa Dosha etc.

The Soham Baba Mission Purna Kumbh Camp will be a true place of Healing for healing your body, mind and soul.

Excluded: travel to Haridwar.


“Love is the only commodity, which increases while sharing……””




Date Vikram Samvat Day Holy Event Remark
14-01-2010 14th Posh Thursday First Snan Makar Sankranti
15-01-2010 Amavasya Friday Second Snan Mouni Amavasya - Solar eclipse
20-01-2010 5th Magh Wednesday Third Snan Basant Panchmi
26-01-2010 Dwaja Ropan (JA)
30-01-2010 Magh Purnima Saturday Fourth Snan (JA) Panch Parmeshwar Peshwai Procession
31-01-2010 Sunday Sadhu Bhandara (JA)
12-02-2010 Friday 1st Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)
Maha Shivratri - Procession
15-03-2010 Monday Dwitiya Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)
Somvatu Amavasya - Procession
24-03-2010 Wednesday 5th Snan Ram Navmi
30-03-2010 Tuesday Chaitya Purnima Snan
14-04-2010 Wednesday Pramukh Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)
Baishakhi - Procession
28-04-2010 Wednesday Sakh Purnima Snan

On Demand

Living for others

"Love is the only commodity, which increases while sharing……”
- Babaji